Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Letters Get Results!

I recently purchased the American Express rental car insurance program.  This sounded like a really good deal - for one price your rental car would be protected.  Gone were the days of an additional $12 or something for daily insurance on your rental car - that always seemed like a rip off. 

I was hoping I would never have to use my new insurance but recently I was in Montana with the Florida Bar Elder Law Section and a stone flew up from a passing truck and cracked my windshield.  I called American Express to report the damage.  I filled out the claim form with National Car Rental.  Then I waited.  It appeared everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing - settling the claim.

Finally I get a letter from Amex saying that my claim has been settled - yes!  Then I get a call from National (actually, their agent) who says I still owe $100 plus dollars on the claim because American Express didn't cover the whole claim.  What?  Now, I'm really mad.   Why didn't they pay the whole claim?  First I call American Express for an explanation - they actually give a pretty good one.  National would not provide their out of service logs but still made a claim for the loss of use on the car.  And, National had imposed some junk "administrative fee" that wasn't actual damage to the car so Amex wasn't going to pay.

My first solution, I went on FaceBook and posted my story on the National Car Rental page.  This got their attention.  Then I wrote a letter - on legal letterhead - describing my problem and asking National to waive their junk fees.  Well, guess what?  The claim is now settled and I'm not having to pay out of pocket for uncovered insurance expenses. 

As consumers we need to stand up for what's right.  Failure to provide requested information.  Junk administrative fees.  That's not the way to do business.  Demand more, get more. 

If you have a complaint against a service provider and you need help - The Professional Nudge is the answer.  We'll write a letter on your behalf - it's all we do.